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President Greetings

Dear Valued Customers!

Digital Advertising Company is a well established, family owned, national printer with a deep pride and confidence in our ability to deliver every job right and on time. We ask that you give us the opportunity to serve your next printing need. If you do, we are confident we will be working with you again, and again.

A company's history tells a good deal about a company's service and capabilities. Digital Advertising Printing has a remarkable history of over 20 years of quality printing, personal services, reasonable costs, and a reputation to deliver a job on time. This long history has given Digital Advertising printing the opportunity to build a tradition of craftsmanship in all types of printing. The company has grown with that growth has come the ability to offer the best possible products at the fairest prices.

Advertising - A Living Tradition of Printing Excellence! Service after the sale is automatic. Our customer service, representatives will follow your job from the first ink on the page to final mailing or delivery with the same attention to or delivery with the same attention to Detainment that you would give to the job yourself. We care, we deliver, and we appreciate your business! Contact us for a free estimate on your next printing project. I look forward to establishing a business relationship with you and having the privilege of maximizing the return on your printing dollars.

Our Mission

To manage and operate Digital Advertising Printing Company within its capabilities, for the maximum profitability of our customers, our employees, our suppliers, and our stockholders, so that the continued existence and growth of Digital Ad-vertising Printing.

Our Vision

Digital Advertising Printing employees, as a result of our mission, will increasingly applying these same characteristics to serving our customers. Owner target is position number 1 in Cambodia ISO 9001-2015.